Cosmic Bible Book 4: Paradigm Revolution by Paradoxical Truth Minoru Uba (著)

商品名 : Cosmic Bible Book 4: Paradigm Revolution by Paradoxical Truth Minoru Uba (著)

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This book is the final chapter and the summary of all 4 volumes. This book explains how we can resolve discrimination in the world, how we can resolve the gap between rich and poor, how we can resolve the disparity in civilization, and how we can resolve the religious conflicts. Also, it makes clear what each person should do in order to graduate from the prison star, the earth. This is the common purpose for human beings. After reading this book you will discover how to obtain real freedom by breaking away from the framework of reincarnation to the earth. Womens energies of love, integration, harmony and creation are the crucial key for this purpose.

When Mr. Uba was involved in research activities in the field of atomic physics and medical science, he experienced various super-science phenomena. Now, he cures various intractable diseases through long-distance treatment using the infinite power of the universe. By analyzing their personality formation history and developing their mind and spirit, he also helps to improve lifes outlook for those who have problems in their life because of their mental attitude.

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出版社: Babel Press U.S.A. (2015/8/20)
言語: 英語
ISBN-10: 0989232654
ISBN-13: 978-0989232654
発売日: 2015/8/20
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